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It’s officially 2015 and that means OLLG Tracker is almost two years old. WOW! It feels like just yesterday that this was an idea, which has grown into something so amazing. There weren’t many new posts last year due to the fact that Justin was not on tour. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me throughout the year, I still got many tweets and DMs from people saying they can’t wait for more stories! The blog still got about 50,000 views for 2014 and for that I am extremely grateful. Starting the new year of with a new layout for the blog – what do you think?!

Beliebers are so excited for what Justin has in store for 2015, who would have thought that a year would go by so quickly?? 2014 definitely had its ups and downs but 2015 will be even better. Justin is coming back stronger than ever and I just can’t wait! There are many new ideas in store for OLLG Tracker; I can’t  say what as yet since they are still in the works but be ready! I’m definitely going to need help running different aspects of OT’s social media – such as Instagram, ask, etc. – so if you’re interested, let me know! In the meantime, as Justin says, GET READY!

2015 I'm coming for u

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Grace Wilson – The Original One Less Lonely Girl

Grace and Justin

Arguably one of Justin’s sweetest and best music videos to date, the One Less Lonely Girl video features Ohio-native Grace Wilson. Then 15 years old, Grace was nervous to audition, as any other girl would be. This was her first time doing something like this and she was extremely excited to be picked out of thousands of other girls to star alongside Justin Bieber in his second music video. As he wasn’t anywhere near as popular back then as he is today, Grace didn’t know much about Justin; he was just a normal 15 year old boy to her. However, she listened to his music and found it to be pretty good, so she was confident that the video would turn out great.

Shot in Watertown, Tennessee, the concept of the video is that Justin is  trying to win a girl’s heart by sending her on a scavenger hunt. In the video, Justin is playing his guitar in a laundromat while waiting for his laundry to be finished, when Grace walks in and silent sparks fly between them. She then leaves but not before dropping a scarf close to where he was seated. Justin picks up the scarf and immediately starts hatching his plan to impress his future leading lady. When Grace goes back the next day, she is disappointed when she doesn’t see Justin but notices a sign in front of her which leads her on a scavenger hunt. She follows the arrows and the signs around town, picking up sweet gifts left by Justin along the way, including a puppy, flowers and chocolate. The scavenger hunt leads her right back to the laundromat which has been romantically transformed, where Justin is waiting for her with her scarf.

Justin Grace

Throwback to 2010!

Grace was nervous to shoot the video but had fun. She described Justin as a very down to earth guy and really funny. In between shoots, they kept playing with the puppies which was fun (in a behind the scenes video, it was revealed that one of the puppies pee’d on Justin! Yikes) They remained friends after the shoot and she was even a guest at his 16th birthday party. Although Grace hasn’t spoken to Justin since last year, she is still a fan of his music. She went to one of his Believe Tour shows in LA and although she wasn’t affected by his OLLG performance, she loved the show as he is an excellent performer and very talented.

“He is really blessed. His music is great and keeps getting better. And he has amazing fans.”

Since the One Less Lonely Girl music video, she has been in a music video for Chris Young’s song “You”. Being in Justin’s music video was a blessing and she is still grateful to this day to have had that experience.

Here a few pictures of Grace and Justin on the set of OLLG, at his birthday party and miscellaneous!

One Less Lonely Girl (Official Video)

March 24, 2011 – Rebecca

Rebecca was the One Less Lonely Girl in Nottingham, England on the My World Tour! With her permission, this is a repost of the story that she submitted to My Bieber Experience:


My name is Rebecca, I’m 16 [now 19] and I live in Nottinghamshire, UK. On the 19th November 2010, my two friends, Chloe and Bridie and I camped out all night to buy six tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert in Sheffield, UK. By 9 o’clock, when the tickets went on sale, there was a lot of people queuing, so we were really pleased we stayed out in the cold, all night to be at the front of the line. We all wanted really good seats, so when the woman offered us front row seats, we were ecstatic! We all jumped up to hug eachother but headbutted really hard at the same time LOL! During the run up to the concert, my mum also booked 3 seats for us to see Justin in Nottingham the day after we were seeing him in Sheffield! Finally on the 23rd of March 2011, the day of the concert in Sheffield, we all skipped school and went to the Motorpoint Arena early thinking we might see Justin and all the crew. Eventually a tour bus pulled up to the arena, everyone went crazy! Pattie, Dan Kanter, Ryan Good, Kenny, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith etc. came off the bus but Justin wasn’t there. We were all gutted because we hoped that we would get to see him before the show started! The concert was amazing. We enjoyed every minute of it! We were also stood right in front of Justin’s team so we spoke to a few of them and high 5’ed some of them, they were all really nice and made us all laugh! During the concert Dan Kanter kept throwing guitar picks into the crowd and one landed in front of me. My favourite Justin Bieber song is ‘One Less Lonely Girl’, it always has been and always will be. So when I saw Allison Kaye choose the OLLG, I kinda died inside. She was so beautiful and I was so jealous at the fact that she got to be on stage with Justin while he sang my favourite song. Little did I know that 24 hours later at the Nottingham concert, I would be chosen by Allison to be OLLG! On the way to the Nottingham concert on the 24th March, my dad said to us that none of us could go onstage that night because our seats weren’t that good, but I said that it could still happen. Well didn’t I prove him wrong! I was chosen to be the One Less Lonely Girl, my heart was beating so fast as I was walking backstage. I actually thought it was all a dream, I couldn’t believe this was happening! We were sitting right at the back of the arena, I was so shocked! I got to meet some more of the dancers and they were all joking around with me and I also saw Jaden and Carin. I went on stage, and as soon as I saw Justin I was blown away. He was BEAUTIFUL, his eyes were gorgeous! I couldnt believe that he was staring into my eyes and singing to ME! When he hugged me, all I could think was that this was the most incredible night of my life. Something I will never, ever forget. Justin ran off stage to get ready for the next song and I was taken backstage by the dancers and I got to meet Kenny again, he knuckle touched me and said I was lucky. I also got to speak to Willow Smith! When I was walking back to my seat with TC, everyone was shouting to me that I was so lucky and were smiling and being really lovely.When I got to Bridie and Chloe, they were crying so much and all I could to was just break down in tears with them, hugging them both. This meant so much to me and I still can’t describe how I felt that night. NEVER SAY NEVER. I dont think I can thank Justin enough for his beautiful music and making these past two years of my life amazing. -@RebeccaRhiannon

Since the My World Tour, Rebecca has seen Justin again on the Believe Tour. It was amazing and watching Justin perform OLLG gave her goosebumps. It was a weird feeling knowing she was in the same position as the girl on stage just two years before. As for her roses, she still has them! Her mother got them dried and she keeps one in a frame along with her tickets from the show.

rebecca rose

Rebecca’s Rose!

ollg 2011

nottingham 2011Congratulations Rebecca, Nottingham’s One Less Lonely Girl on the My World Tour!

Rebecca on stage with Justin!

April 19, 2011 – Nicole Hussey

Throwback to 2011! I was on Google searching for pictures when I came across this article on a Singaporean news website. I remember the uproar on twitter when Nicole Hussey was picked for One Less Lonely Girl Singapore on the My World Tour. As usual, the rumours and the accusations started with people saying she paid to be the OLLG, she had prior connections, etc. Here are some pictures of her on stage with Justin and an interview that she did on her experience, featuring her mother and sister. (All media courtesy of the new paper)

Nicole Hussey 2

Nicole Hussey 3

Nicole Hussey 1 Nicole Hussey 4

Nicole on stage with Justin + her interview!

March 27, 2011 – Shadee

Marta met Shadee while on a student exchange and when she found out she had been an OLLG, she told her about the blog! Thank you Marta (@kidrauhlsollg__) for contacting Shadee and conducting the interview!


Age at the time: 13

Location: 4th row close to the stage

At the Rotterdam, Holland show on the My World Tour, Shadee was picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl (by a man she did not recognize.) picked me to be the OLLG. In the car an hour before the concert, she had actually made a joke about being the One Less Lonely Girl and then it happened! It was something she had dreamed of and it was coming true. Shadee was in total shock when she was picked. She was speechless and a feeling of happiness overwhelmed her. She believes  that what made her stand out was the fact that she was not so hysterical as a lot of the other fans were. She was just enjoying the concert; not crying, just singing along with his songs. She also wore a purple shirt, which may have helped (at the time.)

Going backstage, all she could feel was excitement. Justin was her idol and she had followed everything he did. She had watched every interview, every clip on YouTube. Being able to see him in real life at his concert was a dream come true on its own and she had counted down the days until the concert. Now it was even better because Justin himself was about to sing to her on stage. Shadee was surprisingly calm backstage and extremely happy. Before she went on stage, she met Ryan.

In Shadee’s eyes, Justin was very handsome in real life and smelled really good. When she was escorted to the stool in the centre of the stage, she sat down and Justin handed her the bouquet of roses. He touched her face and stood so close to her that she felt like she could kiss him. Justin looked deep into her eyes and sang the ending of the song directly to her. When it was over, he hugged her tight and she practically melted! The best thing about being the OLLG for Shadee was the hug. However, the worst part was the mean messages she received from people, telling her she didn’t deserve to get picked because she wasn’t overly-excited during the show. However, they have no idea how thankful she is that it happened and how happy the experience made her feel.

When she left the stage, she met Kenny and he told her congratulations. Although she got a lot of hate messages, there were still many people who were really happy for her. When she got back to her seat, she got into a group hug with her sister and her niece while they laughed and cried at the same time. People congratulated her and a little girl asked for a picture with her and the roses. She was also asked to do interviews on her experience.

Almost three years later, Shadee still has the roses – one of which she gave to Marta! When Justin performed in Holland for the Believe Tour, she was at the show. She preferred the My World Tour show because it felt more personal and she thought that Justin behaved more grateful to his fans at his first concert there.

Follow Shadee on Instagram —> @shadeeovermars and she can be found on Facebook as well: Shadee Overmars!

Shadee OLLGCongratulations Shadee, the One Less Lonely Girl in Netherlands on the My World Tour!

Shadee on stage with Justin!

August 7, 2013 – Makayla

Thank you @BelieberRai for the pictures.

OLLG Mikayla 6

Age: 14

Location: Section Floor 7 Row 36 Seat 63

At the Jascksonville, Florida concert last year, Makayla was up singing and dancing to every song from the moment Justin hit the stage. She never sat down and sang all the lyrics, pretending that she was the only person in the arena with Justin. For that reason, she stood out enough for Jenn and Griffin to walk up to Makayla and ask her if she wanted to be the One Less Lonely Girl. She couldn’t believe that out of all the girls there, she was the one being asked! She only dreamed of meeting Justin and thought if she was lucky and believed enough that she would possibly have a chance to be the OLLG and she was! She was in shock that she was even going to meet Justin, let alone be his OLLG.

When she got backstage, she was greeted with open arms by Griffin. Everyone that passed her congratulated her on being picked and told her that she was very pretty. Being on stage, she was in awe. As a dancer, she is used to performing in front of large crowds and being on stage a lot but nothing prepared her for this moment. She had never been so nervous to sit on stage. While Justin sang to her, she didn’t pay attention to the audience; she stayed focused on Justin the entire time. At first she could hear all the screaming but once she sat down, it was as if he was singing just for her and they were (once again) the only two people in the arena. The one thing she remembers most about him is his eyes. Also, she loved the way he paid attention to her and was very sweet while she was on stage.

OLLG Mikayla 3 OLLG Mikayla 2

When it was over, he asked her what her name was then they ran backstage together. She didn’t really get to talk to him, all she could say was “thank you.” When she got back to her seat, the girl who was sitting behind her was crying and gave her a hug. Her mom went to the concert with her and was crying because she knew how much Justin meant to Makayla. That moment was the first time in five years that she was truly happy. After the concert, it took her a good 45 minutes to an hour to get to the front of the arena, with all the people stopping her for pictures and telling her congrats. Her advice to other OLLG hopefuls is to act as if you’re at a private concert just for you or like you’re in your room dancing around. Just have fun and enjoy yourself! For her outfit, she didn’t wear a bright shirt; it was just a white shirt that she designed herself.


Other than the fact that his music is amazing, Makalya’s connection to Justin is a bit more sentimental. About six years ago, she lost her grandmother. She stopped speaking for a while and would only listen to Justin’s music. One day she was listening to a song and she sang a lyric out loud to her mother. Basically, that’s the easy way of saying that he got her to speak again. So while she was being serenaded, she wanted to cry but she held herself together as best as she could. Since then, Makayla has tried to put others first before herself. She loves to help people so to whoever is reading this, if you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to talk to her.  Follow her on twitter – @MakaylaAlexand8 - and tweet/ DM her :)

ALSO, Makayla shares a birthday with Justin so tweet her happy birthday when it comes!!

OLLG Mikayla 1OLLG Mikayla 5

OLLG Mikayla 4Congratulations Makayla, Jacksonville’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Makayla on stage with Justin!