April 28, 2013 – Nastya

April 28, 2013

The One Less Lonely Girl in St. Petersburg, Russia – Nastya!


Nastya is 16 years old and was standing somewhere in the middle of floor. During the concert, she was screaming out loud and singing as much as she could! She tried to dance but couldn’t because she was getting crushed from all sides! During Beauty And A Beat, a woman (Jenn) and a man (possibly a translator) asked her if she wanted to be the One Less Lonely Girl. She was shocked, confused and happy all at the same time! She was in disbelief; of course she, like every belieber, wanted to be the OLLG but never imagined it would actually happen. As she want backstage, all she could think of was if the moment was real, if all this was really happening to her. She described Justin as “beautiful, sweet and gentle.” He was very sensitive to her, he was as she puts it, excellent! She had an amazing time with him on stage. When it was over, she did not get to talk to him backstage because he had to change but she got to hug him quickly and yelled thank you to him as he ran off.

Back at her seat, people complimented her and told her how happy they were for her. Some of them even started telling her how much they loved her and that she was now their inspiration. Her advice to girls who wish to be OLLG is to dream; you must believe in yourself that it can happen and one day it will! She has her crown hanging on her wall and the one thing she misses the most about the concert is, Justin of course!!

OLLG Nastya 7Congratulations Nastya, St. Petersburg’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Nastya as Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl!

October 2, 2013 – Grace

Thank you to Beijing’s OLLG, Melinda (@melindachenn) for helping me to track the OLLG and get her answers, making this post possible! You can read Melinda’s story in the post right before this one.

OLLG Grace

1. How old are you?
I am 16 years old.

2. Where were you sitting?
I was sitting in VIP5

3. Who chose you?
A man and a woman, they were American.

4. What was it like before the concert or in the days leading up to the concert? Did you think OLLG was possible?
I thought it was impossible for me to be OLLG before the concert.

5. Did you ever dream of being OLLG before?

6. What was your reaction when you were asked?
At first, I did not know I would become the OLLG. When they asked me, I just answer their question normally.

7. What was going through your head as you went backstage? Did you meet any of the crew?
I could not remember what I thought…it seemed that I was dreaming. I did not meet them before.

8. What do you think made you stand out to be picked?
I do not know, maybe I was not as crazy as other girls.

9. How would you describe being on stage with Justin? What happened and what was he like?
I just felt excited. He sang the song for me and he was more graceful than in the pictures.

10. Did you get to talk to him after you ran offstage?

11. How did people react to you back at your seat and after the show?
Many people asked me to take a picture with them. They also said “you are lucky” to me.

12. Anything else you’d like to add or rumours to clear up?
After the concert, many people said that I was not chosen by them [it was planned]. I just want to explain that I really did not know that I will become the OLLG before the concert.

13. What advice do you have for other girls who wish to be OLLG?
I think they may not choose someone who is really crazy in the concert. At that time, I was standing on the seat and listening to the songs then they chose me. So I advice girls to not react very crazy when they [the crew] are nearby you.

OLLG Grace 2

OLLG Grace 3

OLLG Grace 4

OLLG Grace 5

OLLG Grace 6Congratulations Grace, Dalian’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Video of Grace on stage with a shirtless Justin!

September 29, 2013 – Melinda

OLLG Melinda 2

Today marks one year since the first show of the Believe Tour in Glendale, Arizona! This time around, Justin was performing in Asia. Here’s the story of the One Less Lonely Girl in Beijing, China!

Hi, I am Melinda! I’m 15, turning 16 in under 2 months. At the Beijing, China concert, I was sitting to the left of the stage, right in front of the railing above where his crew was walking around! Before the concert, all my friends were joking about OLLG, saying we would all be the OLLGs! We searched up the previous ones and got really excited but I didn’t think we would actually have a chance since there were going to be so many people there. We calculated the chances of being picked before the concert and it came down to about a 1 in 200 chance! I watched a bunch of videos of the girls and their experiences before so being OLLG was definitely a dream for me. Near the beginning of the show, this girl (who didn’t look like she was part of the crew) came up to me and asked how old I was. My friend was like, “MELINDA YOU JUST GOT PICKED!” But I was like what no? She didn’t come back for around 30 minutes so I was pretty disappointed. Then, near the beginning of Never Say Never, someone came up to me and as I wasn’t sitting near the aisle, told me to walk out into the aisle. I was like, ohhhh my godddd what’s happening! My friends were all screaming. I walk out and see Jenn and she says: ‘Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?‘ Obviously I screamed and she started leading me backstage.
I was just like, oh my god no way this is happening? Is this actually happening? I was so nervous and excited at the same time, I couldn’t think straight, I obviously had butterflies and the whole time I was just thinking that this was impossible.

When we were walking backstage, it was very nerve racking. I saw the car that Justin Instagrammed a few days back and a few of his dancers high-fived me and told me congrats! It was just so surreal and now that I think about it, I could have taken photos with them or asked them questions but the whole time I was just standing there going crazy! When it was time for me to walk on stage, I couldn’t stop thinking, don’t trip, oh my god, this isn’t happening, and I felt like I was about to pass out. As soon as Justin started singing to me, I just couldn’t think. He is so beautiful. He smelled so good, he looked AMAZING and the whole experience was just unbelievable. I honestly couldn’t think straight; he was just looking into my eyes and his eyes were absolutely beautiful. He hugged me from behind twice and kept touching my hands and legs! I was too nervous to do anything, I could have hugged him or kissed him or talked to him but the whole time I was just starstruck. Then he asked me my name, we ran backstage and it was over. I didn’t get to speak to him after.

When I first got back to my seat, my friends and I were just SCREAMING! The people around me were like, “oh congrats can I take a photo with you?” And I was like, “oh sure!” Then when the concert ended, my other friends who were sitting on the floor came up and were screaming with us and we were all just saying, how on earth did this happen!!! After we left the stadium, more and more people started coming up and circling around me, wanting to take photos and hug me. After a while, around 200 people came out and started running after me, so I was like oh no and we had to hide my crown and run out.

I was sleeping when my friends started calling me a bunch of times. I woke up at around 7 and saw their missed calls and I knew something had happened. When I called them back, they were like, “MELINDA GO CHECK INSTAGRAM!” I was just thinking, whaaat what happened! So I scrolled through Instagram, saw a picture of Justin and was saying, “wait its just a photo of Justin?” My friend said, “nooo no keep going!” So I kept scrolling and when I saw the picture Justin posted of us, I just SCREAAAMED. It was sooo exciting being the FIRST OLLG he has ever Instagrammed. It was just unbelievable and everyone was just saying, now he has to remember you!!!! I was so happy.

Every OLLG that gets picked is said to have paid, which I don’t even think is possible. I heard rumors that I stayed in the same hotel as him (because I was waiting outside of it to see him), I paid for it, I was the daughter of the boss of the stadium, etc. None of that is true! I was just extremely extremely lucky to have gotten this amazing opportunity. I think what made me stood out was the fact that I had really good seats because like I said, the whole crew was walking right below where I was sitting so they could easily see me. Also, I had a bigger chance than in normal concerts since the girl picked had to be Asian and most of the people I saw around me were 25+ years old. My friends and I were dancing, screaming, and singing really loud. So when you’re at one of Justin’s concerts, just scream, dance and sing. If you look like you’re having a good time, they’ll want to pick you!

OLLG Beijing.png


OLLG Melinda

OLLG Beijing 2.jpg

OLLG Beijing 4.jpgCongratulations Melinda, Beijing’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Video of Melinda on stage!

September 26, 2013 – Layla

All credit goes to the original owners for these pictures and video!

OLLG Layla and Justin

OLLG Layla 4

Hey guys it’s Layla and I am 13 years old. I was sitting in Zone TT, 3 rows up (not good seats.) Before the concert, my friend and I were joking about OLLG but I really didn’t believe it would happen.  During Somebody To Love, I did all the dance moves, I was laughing and smiling and just having fun. I wasn’t on my phone at all. Sometime during the show, a lovely lady named Jenn walked up to me. When Jenn asked if I wanted to be the One Less Lonely Girl, I don’t even remember replying. I think i was so shocked I didn’t even speak. She didn’t care and she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the crowd. I remember watching Never Say Never in 2011, seeing all those very lucky OLLGs. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to be an OLLG – never ever ever thought my dream would come true. As I went backstage, I still was shocked. I couldn’t process what was happening. Everything was happening so fast. When Jenn finally got me backstage, she apologized that I had to miss Beauty And A Beat. I was like please don’t apologize. I thanked her multiple times and gave her a hug. I watched Justin performing the first bit of OLLG and I was dying inside. Everyone was telling me that I was the one. It really was amazing. I met Alfredo! Jenn asked me if I knew who he was and I was like, you mean Alfredo Flores, Justin’s best friend?! She just pointed straight and there he was. He gave me a high five and told me I was the one. Then he was like we have the same hat, swag! And I was like ahhahahs swaagg! I also met Justin’s grandpa before the concert. He was standing right in the entrance, no one noticed him though!

I don’t remember seeing the audience. I don’t remember hearing anything but his voice. My knees were shaking. I couldn’t even cry. Tears weren’t coming out. I only saw his big brown eyes and I just was overwhelmed. I kept telling myself how lucky I was. It was the best night of my life! I would not change a thing about it. When it was over, he had to change for his next song. I remember him saying thank you but he ran off before I could say anything else. On my way back to my seat, people were looking at me, though no one actually said anything. After the concert I stayed an extra 3 hours taking pictures with people. I was so happy to hear everyone congratulating and telling me how lucky I was. I felt like the happiest luckiest girl in the world. The best advice I can give you is just to be yourself, smile, dance, and have the time of your life! Try and stand out from the normal! Have fun, beliebers.

OLLG Layla 5

OLLG Layla

OLLG Layla 2

OLLG Layla 3Congratulations Layla, Bangkok’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Video of Layla on stage!

September 23, 2013 – Jasmine

Credit to original owners for all media!

OLLG Jasmine 7

Age: 18

The Singapore Believe Tour concert was free standing, meaning there weren’t specific seating sections, so Jasmine was standing around the middle of the crowd with her friends. Before the concert, she thought if she couldn’t get close enough to Justin, she would find a way to sneak in later! She didn’t get her hopes up about being OLLG because it seemed impossible. She thought it  was a process where they picked the OLLG before the concert and/or you have to be really popular and have many connections with the management, so she was really sad. As the timer for Justin to be on stage was counting down, Jasmine felt like she was going to lose it. It reminded her of two years ago when she first saw him live and she just kept screaming, over and over. The moment he was on stage, she was crying uncontrollably. The moment was so intense, she just couldn’t control herself. While Justin performed, most of the people around her were taking pictures and videos with their phone and a few were blocking her so she just decided to enjoy the moment instead because that was really what being there was about to her. So instead of doing what everyone else was doing, she put up  heart sign with her hands whiling holding her phone in her mouth ( as in biting it ) for the whole time! It was really tiring but it was worth it in the end :)

 When Jenn was walking around and looking for the OLLG, Jasmine didn’t notice her right away. She actually thought Jenn was one of the body guards because what she wore was similar to the concert’s security guards! She felt some people staring at her and she thought it because she was the only one who put the heart up in the crowd the whole time. After Jenn was staring at Jasmine for a while, she pointed towards her and her girls, so they thought that they had done something wrong. Jenn was behind a barrier so they moved closer to her and she asked Jasmine THE question: “Do You Want To Be The One Less Lonely Girl?” Jasmine and her friends immediately started screaming! It took her about 5 seconds to process before she said, “are you kidding me!? YES YES YES!” Jenn and one of the security guards helped her climb over the barrier and they headed backstage. Being the OLLG is the ultimate dream of every belieber and this dream was about to come true for her! She was so shocked that while she was walking, all she could think was, “omg please let this be real omg am I dreaming omg there’s no way no yes yes yes yes! Wait I’m actually going on the stage? Omg please please please let this be real!” For the entire time, Jasmine kept saying thank you SO MUCH and I love you to Jenn!

Backstage, she cried. She wanted to faint!! She lost feelings in her arms and legs; nothing seemed real to her anymore at that moment! Jenn kept asking her if she needed water; other than that, they just talked. At least, she tried to talk but was mostly speechless! Before she went on the stage, she met Fredo, Ryan, Justin’s grandma Diane and other people.  Jenn actually told her not to cover her face and to look in Justin’s eyes. Justin’s grandma introduced herself and hugged her and told her to ‘enjoy the moment’. When the time actually came for her to go on stage, one of Justin’s dancers led her out and at that point, she still didn’t believe it was real! She still thought there was no way it was happening then there he was, walking back towards her!! Jasmine was literally shaking and freaking out. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do or if Justin would feel bad if she cried. She couldn’t stop smiling and ended up doing somewhat of a half cry half smile. The feeling of being on stage was nothing short of incredible for her. There aren’t any words for her to truly describe it. There were people who thought she sat on Justin’s lap but he actually just hugged her from behind. People also thought that Justin picked her himself but it was Jenn. When it was over and they ran backstage, they went separate ways and she didn’t see him or get to talk or get to take a picture with him afterwards. But she was still very grateful!

While she was walking back to her place, the girls in the front rows were screaming and congratulating her. They were all very happy for her and she thought that was another special moment! When she climbed back inside the zone, her friends were flipping out!!! They were just hugging each other for the longest time and she let them wear her crown. They all joked around saying “should have pushed you in the back so it could have been us instead!”  

This was definitely a much better experience for her than when she saw Justin in Singapore for the My World Tour in 2011. At that concert, she was extremely far from the stage, so far that she watched the concert through the big screen! He was too tiny to see! This time, because it was free standing, Jasmine had a chance of getting closer to the stage and that already made her so happy that she was literally in tears! Another thing that made this concert “WAYYY MORE AMAZING” to her was the fact that Justin performed shirtless! Back then when Justin said, “So who wants to be my One Less Lonely Girl?” she practically screamed her head off and got on her seat jumping up and down but it was impossible! Then when the song started playing, she started crying! This time around, she got her wish.

Her advice to girls who wish to be the OLLG is to seriously enjoy the moment and actually watch him perform, not through the camera phones! Also, be different!! As she said, everyone else was taking pictures while she was the only one who put the heart sign up the whole time! Don’t lose hope and think that they only pick people in the VIP or the pretty ones or the one who paid the most because that is literally not true. Jasmine says,

“I am just like anybody else! My ticket wasn’t VIP and I don’t have any connections whatsoever that would help me. It could have been one of my friends or the people next to us or anybody else and I mean ANY! That’s why I am so grateful for everything that had happened because I know how many would kill for this. People say ‘oh you don’t know how lucky you are or you don’t know how it feels to not get picked’ and I think it is ridiculous because I do know I know exactly how it feels. I’ve been through that feeling before in 2011 and every time I watch any of the OLLG video and that’s why I am so thankful and grateful :)”
OLLG Jasmine 5

Credit to @DaBieberArea

OLLG Jasmine 4

Credit to @DaBieberArea

OLLG Jasmine 3

Credit to @DaBieberArea

OLLG Jasmine 6

Credit to @DaBieberArea

OLLG Jasmine

OLLG Jasmine 2

Congratulations Jasmine, Singapore’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Video of Jasmine on stage with Justin!

December 9, 2010 – Blase Charron

OLLG Blase
My One Less Lonely Girl experience was more than anything I could have dreamed of. It happened when I was a freshman in high school; I was 14 and Justin was 16. I’m a senior in high school right now and I’m 17. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be a OLLG. When my mom had told me that she had gotten me tickets for Justin’s My World Tour, I had almost fainted. Everyone knew I was the biggest die hard Belieber at my school and that I was just completely head over heels for Justin so everyone was pretty excited for me. The concert was originally supposed to be in September of 2010 but Justin was not feeling too good and had to cancel a few shows and move them back. Which, if you’re a true Belieber, you would have noticed  that in Never Say Never when Mama Jan asked him if he wanted to move a few shows or cancel a whole tour when he got a little sick from screaming and running around too much. So my show got moved to December 9th of 2010. I made shirts with two of my good friends Nina and Emily, who I chose to come to the show with me. (See the shirt in pictures below). When we got to the concert, it was a freezing cold night but that sure didn’t stop thousands of little girls lining up outside and waiting for their idol to show up and that didn’t stop me either. The doors had finally opened up at 6 and everyone rushed through the doors to quickly get their tickets checked and purchase their My World Tour T-shirts. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for for months had finally come. The love of my life, the small town Canadian boy who had stolen my heart in 2009 was right in front of me belting out my favorite song “Love Me”. This wasn’t the first time I had seen Justin; it was the second. I had also seen him at Jingle Ball in 2009 when he had a broken ankle performing in a cast. Anyways, tears were swelling up in my eyes because I  couldn’t believe I was 9 rows away from my idol. As a lot of songs go by I’m wondering when One less Lonely Girl would come on. Sooner than I could even think, a large man comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder asking me the famous question, “do you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl?” My mouth drops, realizing it’s Kenny Hamilton – Justin’s body guard at the time. I said yes of course and just started tearing up.  By the time he had led me backstage, I was absolutely bawling my eyes out. There I met Alison, Alfredo, Scooter, Scrappy, Ryan and all of Justin’s dancers. I was beyond shock and just speechless. Ryan, Allison and Alfredo all gave me hugs to try and calm me down, even though my heart was going a mile a minute. I could hear Justin start to sing One Less Lonely Girl and I could see him from beyond the curtains. My heart was racing faster than anything at this point then it was time for me to go out- in front of 10,000 screaming girls, in front of my idol, my dream was coming true. I walked out onto the stage guided by one of his dancers and I sat down on a stool. I knew Justin was right behind me on top of a platform and he would be coming down to serenade me any second. Finally he was approaching me with red roses. All I could think in my head was, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD JUSTIN BIEBER IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER. Justin Drew Bieber, the one I’ve been fangirling over for a year now was right in front of me about to sing to me and hug me? It was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt. As he gave me the flowers, he started dancing around while I was still crying a little bit and just thinking it was so unreal. I tried looking out into the crowd and when my eyes finally focused off of all the bright lights in my face I saw thousands of little girls faces and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t faint right then and there. Justin came back over to me after dancing around me for a minute and then that was the moment. He went in and touched my cheek, believe me I was screaming on the inside!!!!!! And then Justin pulled me in for the best hug I’ve ever received in my life. Everytime I watch it, I die a little bit inside just because of the way he pulls me in so tight and holds me. I had finally hugged Justin, something that I could only ever imagine happening in my dreams. And the funny thing is, a few months before the concert I had a dream that Justin sang OLLG to me in front of a crowd. And what would you know, that actual dream came true. Never stop believing or dreaming. After I got off stage, Allison and his dancers guided me back a little further and there Justin was changing for his next song “Up”. He looked at me and said “enjoy the rest of the show beautiful” with the biggest smile and I started crying so he gave me another hug and said goodbye. Kenny and Allison walked me back to my seat where I greeted my mom and everyone around me started to hug me and tell me how lucky I was. And I knew from that moment on I would be a Belieber for the rest of my life. His fanbase isn’t just a regular fanbase. We’re all one big family who has an enormous love for small town Canadian boy who changes our lives one day at a time. I don’t think I could ever thank Justin enough for my OLLG Experience. He changed my life. And Justin, if you ever read this. Thank you so much, I love you, we all do.
~Blase (:
OLLG Blase 2 OLLG Blase 3 OLLG Blase 4 OLLG Blase 6

Congratulations Blase – Manchester, NH’s One Less Lonely Girl on the My World Tour!

Here’s Blase on stage with Justin!

April 8, 2011 – Ladina

OLLG Zurich 1

At the time of Justin’s first concert in Switzerland, for the My World Tour, I was 16 years old. I was sitting in Sector T1 Row 21 Seat 1, which was pretty close to the stage. A man and Allison were walking around and I actually thought they were security people. Allison pointed my way and the man came up to me and said, ‘Would you like to be the One Less Lonely Girl tonight?‘ I totally freaked out! I said ‘YES!’ and started shaking! He said I should leave my stuff with my friend and come with them. Then, Allison took my hand and walked downstairs and backstage with me. We had to walk past all the fans that had standing tickets, it was really weird. I always said I would probably faint if I was ever asked to be the One Less Lonely Girl. It’s funny, in school I had a guy friend who knew a bit about Justin as well and in one class, we sat next to each other. Then one day before the concert, we talked about what would happen if I got to be the OLLG. I was like, ‘I’d so freak out! I’d faint! I think I’d pass out on stage and fall off the chair‘ and then… the next day I actually got to be the OLLG! :D

I’ve asked myself many times why they picked me out of all the girls there. I really have no idea; maybe my ugly dyed blonde hair, idk! Backstage, Allison waited with me in there. I kept saying ‘OMG!’ and ‘I can’t believe it!’ I was shaking so much! She asked me if I was alright and just talked to me but honestly, I can’t remember what we were talking about. Then some dancers came and also talked to me, so sweet :D Then Allison told me how it was going to work when I went on stage. When Justin was on the stage upstairs, she said, ‘look, he’s right above us now!’ I couldn’t believe all of it happened! A backstage worker gave me a plug from Dan :D Finally, my moment came.
Justin was the only thing I could see in that moment. His eyes…wow, so beautiful. His hands…so soft! He was like a dream! I couldn’t believe he was touching my cheek, my hair, my back! When he came with the bunch of roses and handed them to me, I felt like a princess :DOh my goodness, how he looked at me! I just feel so special up there, like he really recognized me. When you sit there, in front of you is just a black bit of nothing! You can’t see anything; just flashes from the cameras. That’s kind of scary but with Justin next to you, you feel very safe :)
When the man brought me back to my seat, my friend was already waiting for me at the entrance for the seats. We hugged and just cried together. When we went to our seats, people were staring at me. First, I just had to sit for a minute and they all just kept staring, it was weird. I’m not much a fan of attention, so it was really weird for me. After the concert when i walked outside with my roses, all the girls were looking at me and a lot came up to me and talked to me but actually, I just wanted to get out and get some fresh air. One girl was really crazy! My friend and I walked to the train station with some other girls and then a tram drove past us and a girl showed me her middle finger. Like wtf? :/ At school… I was not a girl everybody knew. Like I said, I don’t like much attention but after that, everybody at school knew me because a newspaper interviewed me and I was on the front page. My classmates were happy for me (well, most of them).
I went to the Believe Tour but this time, I had standing tickets. I went with my guy friend who was sitting next to me in class ;) It was awesome! But I was quite “sad” when the OLLG came up. I was really happy for her because I know how it feels to be up there. But I was sad because I remembered my time up there and couldn’t believe it was already 2 years ago! It’s crazy thinking back to when I was Justin’s OLLG. Sometimes I actually think it’s a dream, that didn’t really happen. It really feels surreal! But I feel so lucky and blessed that I got to experience that. I’ll always be a proud OLLG for the rest of my life, every day of it! ❤

OLLG Zurich 2Congratulations Ladina, Zurich’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Video of Ladina as OLLG!

August 8, 2013 – Shelly

DISCLAIMER: All credit to the original owners of these pictures and video!

OLLG Shelly 4

OLLG Shelly 2

December 18, 2010 and January 27, 2013 are reminders to us all that you don’t give up on something when it is everything you want. Shelly went to the Justin Bieber Miami concerts on those two dates with hopes of being picked for One Less Lonely Girl but it didn’t happen. That was not enough to make her give up because everything changed on August 8, 2013 in Tampa, Florida.

The Tampa show not only was in Shelly’s state but it coincided with her 17th birthday as well; so she knew she had to be at this show. For months she waited in anticipation, hoping that her biggest wish would come true – being Justin’s One Less Lonely Girl. A few weeks before the show, Shelly decided to get the word out and make a video. She had some reservations because of the possible responses she would get but with encouragement, she posted it. Scooter noticed one day and simply tweeted her “Interesting.” She had no idea what it meant but there was still hope that maybe her dream would really be coming true. Several obstacles almost prevented Shelly, her family and her friends, Ariel and Isauri, from making it to the show but they made it. The day of the show, twitter was blowing up with tweets to Scooter, Jenn, Allison, Alfredo, Barack Obama, anyone possible, for the crew to pick Shelly as the OLLG that night. When the girls got to the arena, outside was PACKED. They had a gift that they hoped to give Scooter personally but they gave it to someone else instead, who later gave it to Scooter. (He posted a picture of it on Instagram!) The girls enjoyed Cody Simpson’s and Ariana Grande’s performances but in the back of her mind, Shelly couldn’t help thinking that she could end up leaving the arena without the flower crown or meeting Scooter. By the time the break before Justin’s performance started, #ShellyForOLLG was trending worldwide on twitter. When they left their seats to charge their phones for a bit, Shelly started bawling when she saw the trend. She couldn’t believe all the support she was getting from so many people – people she knew, people she didn’t know, people who didn’t know her; they were all just there supporting her dream. She took a few minutes to tweet a little then they went back to their seats when the countdown started. As soon as Justin hit the stage, they all started jumping and singing along to All Around The World when, not too long into the song, one of them pointed Jenn out to Shelly! Jenn was frantically running up the stairs of the section and Shelly put her hands over her mouth in shock, which is when Jenn noticed her. She stopped and introduced herself to Shelly, saying, “Happy Birthday!!! I’m Jenn! How are you? Are you having a good birthday so far? I have a shirt for you! Justin signed a shirt for you, I’m going to bring it back later on okay?” Shelly thanked her then she left. Her friends started freaking out because they were sure that Jenn was coming back to pick her as OLLG. But Shelly still wasn’t so sure; she figured Jenn just had a signed shirt for her from Justin because she wouldn’t be able to choose her for OLLG. She tweeted what happened and everyone on twitter started freaking out, pretty sure Shelly was GOING to be OLLG.

Beauty and a Beat started playing… Ariel & Isauri immediately turned to Shelly because this was the moment the OLLG was picked. They continued dancing and singing as the song went further and further and they started to worry when suddenly, Isauri started YELLING “JENN, OH MY GOD SHELLY JENN’S COMING I SEE HER SHE’S COMING!!” While her friends freaked out and recorded the moment, Jenn took a step towards Shelly and said, “I LIED TO YOU! I LIED TO YOU, THERE’S NO SIGNED SHIRT BY JUSTIN!” and she reached her hand out for her to take and they began walking down the stairs. Shelly’s mind went blank; she didn’t know what to think and all she could hear were the reactions from girls around them who knew she was the one. As they walked, Shelly kept blurting out, “Thank you SOOOO much! Thank you soooo sooo much!!” Jenn explained to her that she almost couldn’t find her because one of the arena workers told her Section 114 row G Seat 14 didn’t exist! But she HAD to find her and it was when she spotted Shelly’s nails that she recognized her from the picture of her hand that she had posted on twitter earlier! As they took the long journey backstage, Shelly took everything in, totally in awe that this was actually happening to her. Jenn told her that the whole crew had watched her video and that she was planning with Scooter to make her OLLG for days! They stopped by a bathroom so Shelly  could get fixed up for her big moment. When Jenn had seen all the tweets and DMs to her about Shelly, there was no way they weren’t going to give it to her, especially seeing all the support and help from people who wanted it for her so badly. Shelly heard One Less Lonely Girl starting and her heart started racing. Was this real? In a minute she would be on stage with Justin Bieber, something she has wanted for three years. It was about to happen. As her cue got closer, Shelly’s eyes started watering and she was shaking. The music got louder and louder then she saw Justin right above her. Before she went on stage, Shelly and Jenn snapped a few pictures, which Jenn uploaded to her twitter. When it was time, Jenn reminded her to make eye contact and the curtain opened. Justin’s dancer, Luke was waiting for her with a huge smile on his face and he guided her to Justin. Justin reached his hand out to Shelly and led her to the throne. Her mind went blank!  Shelly immediately went in for a hug, Justin stood in front of her smiling and touched her chin and she just kept looking at his eyes. Shelly stared at him adoringly, trying to process the fact that he was really there; he was real. When the song ended, he asked for her name and she said “Shelly.” Justin repeated “Shelby?” then Shelly corrected him. When he finally got it right, he reached for her hand and said to the crowd, “Everybody give it up for Shelly!” then they ran off. Once they were backstage, he ran in the opposite direction to get ready for the next set and Shelly stood there for a few seconds taking in everything – the back of his head, his neck, hairline, everything. Jenn was waiting for her and asked her how it was. Shelly was tearing up so much and tried to keep her composure. As she reached to take off her crown, she looked up and Scooter was walking towards her. She hugged him and thanked him profusely for EVERYTHING. He asked her how it was and Jenn reminded him that it was Shelly’s birthday so he said, “IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Has it been an amazing birthday so far?” Then they started talking about her twitter (@BlackOLLG) and the gift she got for him. Then he invited her to take some pictures, which made Shelly relieved because she didn’t want to leave without a picture. In the pictures, Scooter wore Shelly’s flower crown! Jenn and Scooter posted them online for Shelly since her phone memory was full.

OLLG Shelly 5

OLLG Shelly 6

Jenn took her hand and they started walking back to her seat. Girls wanted to touch her hand and take pictures and some were even screaming her name. As they walked, she saw Kenny who gave her a hug and congratulated her. Back at her seat, she got into a group hug with her friends and they were all just bawling their eyes out. Her mom had been crying; all her family and friends there were crying! People started surrounding her and congratulating her, asking for pictures, telling her that they tweeted for her and were really happy for her. She caught Justin’s last performances and got emotional thinking about everything. Everyone was nice, except for a few girls who said rude things to and about her. Jenn tweeted her about it and made her feel better. At the end of everything when she finally checked her phone, her mentions were going crazy with people congratulating her. Things got even crazier when Justin himself tweeted her! The night couldn’t have gotten any better.

Shelly is extremely grateful for everything that happened for her. When she, along with a few other girls, created the @BlackOLLG account, the initial intention was not for her to be OLLG. She’s come along way from having people tell her that she’d never be OLLG or she would never be OLLG. People hated on her for wanting to be OLLG because she was a “big account.” The thing is, she never started out as a big account and just like she worked her way towards her dream, anyone else can do it as well. This experience has taught Shelly that if you set your mind to something and BELIEVE, you can truly achieve it. This by far was her best birthday ever.
Last year I spent my birthday trying to get a Happy Birthday tweet from Justin, this year I spent it at his concert, on stage, getting serenaded. Thank you for helping me prove all the people who would always send negativity, wrong. I started my year in January with the #Believe Tour and ended the 2nd to last show of the #Believe Tour in the best way….with the best memories…

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OLLG Shelly 7
OLLG Shelly 1
OLLG Shelly 3
 OLLG Shelly 8
Congratulations Shelly, Tampa’s One Less Lonely Girl!
Video of Shelly as the OLLG on her birthday!

July 17, 2013 – Lexi

Pictures and video of the One Less Lonely Girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Lexi! All credit goes to the original owners of these pictures and video.

OLLG Lexi 3OLLG Lexi 2

OLLG Lexi 4

@carlyscirrotto and Lexi!

OLLG Lexi 1

@BiebsCinderella and Lexi!

Congratulations Lexi, Philadelphia’s One Less Lonely Girl!

Video of Lexi as the OLLG!